Real Touch Tea Roses (5-head)

- Premium Latex Real Touch Material
The petals have a latex coating, making them plush, soft and moisturized, looking extremely realistic. Not only do they look real, they feel real too!

- Large Blooms & Long Stems
Each spray contains 3 large blooms (measure 3.5”, 3” and 2.5” wide) and 2 buds. This combination makes it look very organic and natural. With 35” overall height, these flowers can fit elegantly in large and tall vases. The stems can be bent (or cut by a wire cutter). If you would like us to cut it shorter, please send us a message, and we'll cut it to your desired length.

- Versatile
Perfect for home décor, wedding décor, party décor. Great centerpiece for dining room, living room, kitchen, retail, hotel. It will brighten up any space and bring joy to your life.

- Low Maintenance
Artificial flowers are a wonderful alternative to fresh for many reasons. They are hypoallergenic, so you don’t need to worry about flower allergies. They’ll never wilt, so they will continue to look fresh and beautiful all year round. No special maintenance required. If gets dusty, wipe with cloth.

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